Come and show off your football skills at 3x3 FOOTBALL


1. Number of players: 5 is the maximum number of players in a team. 3 field players at one time. There are no goalkeepers in 3x3 football. Substitutes may occur at any dead ball situation. Entry and exit of players at the half field mark only.
2. Goal box: No player may touch the ball within the goal box. Any part of the ball or player’s body on the line is considered in the goal box. An infraction occurs if a defeater touches the ball in the goal box, a penalty kick is awarded to the offensive team. If an offensive player touches the ball within the goal box, a goal kick is awarded to the defensive team. The goals are approximately 4 feet high and 8 feet wide.
3. Game duration: Duration of play shall be 8 minutes including half time. Playoff overtime: Teams will have 2 minutes of overtime period. If the score is still tied, the winner is decided by shootout with the 3 players on the field at end of the overtime period.
4. Goal scoring: A goal may be scored from a touch on the offensive half on the playing field. No offsides in 3X3 football and no slide tackling in 3X3 football.
5. Kick – Ins: The ball shall be kicked into play from the sideline instead of throw in.
6. Indirect kicks: All dead ball kicks are indirect except corner and penalty kicks.
7. Player suspension (Yellow/Red card): Referees have the right to suspend a player from the game for continual disobedience or as a result of an incident that warrants sending the player off. In case of a red card suspension the player shall not be allowed to represent the team for the rest of the game as well as the next game. Tournament director has the authority to suspend a player for rest of the tournament. Teams still play with 3 on the field.
8. Sportsmanship: Player, coaches and spectators are expected to act in the nature of good sportsmanship at all times. Abusing the referee will not be tolerated. Any instance of such conduct will disqualify the responsible team from the event.
9. Penalty kick will be taken from the center of the court.

Total Prize: ₹7K

First prize - ₹5000
Second prize - ₹2000
Akhil KC - 9847768938
Derick - 8606680811
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