 The preliminary round will be conducted through the saintgits moodle.
 The preliminary round will be for a duration of 15 minutes.
 A group can have a maximum of two contestant.
 The questions in this round is based on the basic Theory of computers, output recognition and code_errors correction.
 The use of internet is strictly prohibited and certain malpractises should be avoided or else the group will be disqualified from the event.
 The top 10 groups will qualify for the final round and the selection criteria is based on marks scored in preliminary round.
 The selected contestants are then qualified for the final round which is debugging a C_code for a specific problem.
 The duration of second round will be 30 minutes.
 Contestants are not allowed to rewrite the source code, they are allowed only to debug the code.
 Candidates indulging in certain malpractises will be disqualified from the event.
 The winners for the event is based on the below elgible factors.;
• The team which produce error free and executable code in the least time will be declared as the winning.
• If none of the team members produce perfect output then the winners are selected on the based on number of errors and number of codes debugged.

Total Prize: ₹6K

Registration fee: ₹100
ADARSH - 8089298937
AJITH P - 7560848704
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