Design a wired/wireless, manually controlled machine that is capable of fighting a one on one
1. The initial dimensions of the robot should not exceed 60cm x 60cm x 40cm (l x b x h). However,there is no limitation on robot dimensions once the match starts.
2. The weight of the machine should not exceed 25 kg and should not be less than 8kg (excludingremote control and remote control wires).
3.The electrical voltage at any point of time in the machine should not exceed 24V (DC/AC).
4. Weapon Systems:
a. Robots can have flipper
Any kind of other defensive or attacking devices such as
I. Liquid projectiles.
II. Acid based Weapons. III. EMP generators.
IV. Any kind of flammable liquid. V. Flame-producing weapons.
VI. Explosives.
VII. Nets, glue or any other entanglement devices. VIII. High power magnets or electromagnets. saws, hammers, lifting devices etc. as weapons, cutters
Are considered as mark of disqualification
combat and is able to score the maximum points in a battle.
•Robot Specifications:
In case of a wireless robot, weight will be counted as 0.8 x actual weight. Tolerance of 5% is allowed.
2. Control Requirements:
The wires shouldremain slack at any instant during the fight. All the wires coming out of the machine should be stacked as a single unit. Also, the wires should be projected 100 cm above the ground to avoid entanglement.
b. In case of wireless system, it should have a minimum four frequency remote control circuit or two
1. Each team can have maximum of 5 members.
During the match, only one team-member will participate in competition (active members). He will be controlling the robot. Teams are allowed to switch the active members in different matches (This switch is not allowed in the middle of an on-going match.).

Total Prize: ₹17K

Registration fee: ₹200
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