"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent."
Here is your chance to Blow us away with your stunning rhythm.
Bang our floor with hard rock. Let our souls lament for the metals.


1. A band should have minimum 4 artists,and a maximum number of 8 artists.
2. Each band will have 6 minutes for sound check & 12 minutes for performance
3. Base drum kit will be provided
4. All artists must be engineering students & should bring college ID cards
5. Both self compositions and cover songs can be played ,however self compostion will be awarded more points
6. Genre of music must be rock or any subgenre of it
7. Band should bring their own musical instruments .drum set will be provided by the college if needed
8. All music must be played live
9. Judgement will be based on overall music performance , crowd interaction and crowd applause and will be final

Total Prize: ₹30K

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